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My dick was already hard, and I was filled with a mixture of fear and anticipation when I heard the door creak open. Coach climbed on top of me carefully and quickly started grinding his hard dick against mine…I knew it wouldn’t take long…it never did. He was kissing my neck and grunting. I wrapped my arms around his sweaty back…pulled his face to mine…and kissed him hard as I came…and felt his cock pulsing and oozing his hot load onto my belly too. He kissed me hungrily and continued to grind on me…jerking the last of his load onto my thigh…grunting softly into my mouth.

"I’m sorry I can’t stay, sport…you understand, right? he said as he got up.

I didn’t answer…just waited for the door to close behind him before scooping our cum off my belly and savoring it…

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